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Image by Anastasia Zhenina
Chef Milton Gourmet 



Chef Milton's Gourmet Sea Salts are beloved by top chefs, restaurants, and devoted customers, around the globe. 


Classic sea salt flavors such as Salt & Pepper, Herbs de Provence, and Smoked Atlantic Sea Salt become kitchen staples.


Experiment with in-house ground Lavender which delightfully brings out any dish's flavor.


Show your gourmand hand at barbecues with friends using Chef Milton's All Purpose Rub or Smoked Atlantic Sea Salt with Green Hatch Chili Peppers.


Offering single bottles, 1-pound tubs, and a variety of Gift Boxes - Chef Milton's Gourmet Sea Salts are sure to please.

Bread and Butter on a table with a sprig of flowers and a striped dishtowel

"Atlantic Sea Salt with Garlic Butter is like putting a pat of gourmet butter on baked potatoes, chicken, vegetables, pasta, rice and popcorn. It can be used as seasoning before as well as after cooking."

Chef Milton Gift Box on table with a variety of his salts all sitting on coarse sea salt surrounded by butter, citrus, and herbs

Give a Special Gift.

Choose From Our Curated Giftbox Sets of Gourmet Sea Salts or Create Your Own.

The Latest, From Chef Milton


We have added a New Hatch Chile Product! Everyone has heard of Crushed Red Pepper before, but probably not Green Hatch Chile Flakes!

This might be the only place where you will be able to buy them this year.

Use them like you would the Crushed Red Pepper but now you will get the Green Hatch Taste and the nice Green Hatch Heat.
Pasta, Hamburgers, Eggs, Soups and Stews - the uses are endless the Taste Fantastic! 

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